Jo Blogg, BAHons (London Guild Hall University) is a practicing artist, part time tutor and mother. Whether taking two months to stick 50,000 grains of rice to a board or painting 100 miniatures in 100 days, her meticulous attention to detail is legendary.

Obsessing about important issues, (at the moment the plethora of cleaning products filling supermarket shelves), Blogg creates whatever takes her fancy in whatever media fits her concept, be it paint, print, sculpture, found object or any combination thereof, usually with a good pinch of irony in the mix.

Over the last ten years her work has dealt with; How the beauty of time has changed - ‘Labours of Love’, dilemmas of bi-racial child rearing - ‘Lost Mothers, Us, Them and Ours’, gender ironies of the domestic arena - ‘Weapons of Mass Production’, female erotic iconography reclaimed - ‘Being Frank’, human mortality in the third World - ‘A Day in Africa’, mindless repetition as a spiritual exercise - ‘Over and Over Again’ and mammalian reproduction - ‘Fucking like @#$%^&#$%^’.

She has recently exhibited ‘Don’t Tell Me What To Do’ (‘dot-mandalas’ on Recycled Signage) at The Canterbury Gallery Of Contemporary Art, ‘Silence Is The First Language’ (multi media), in SOURCE ‘a contemporary feminine aesthetic’ with 9 women artists at the Hastings City Art Gallery and STUFF ‘new works on paper’ at Clearview Estate Winery. She is currently in a group show 'Compass+Points' at WHMilbank Gallery and has a solo show 'Pins & Needles' at the H.C.A.G. until January 19th 2014.